Nasyam is a method of Kalarichikilsa where the medicated oil or herbal juices are administered through the nose for the period of time prescribed by the Gurukkal or medical practitioner. It acts by removing the excess humors accumulated in the different sinus cavities and throat. Nasyam is highly effective for different kinds of migraine, hormonal imbalances, paralysis, mental disorders, premature graying of hair, loss of smell and taste and even can add clarity to voice. It cleanses the different cavities and increases oxygenation thus improving brain functioning.

There are different kinds of Nasyams based on the difference in the type of medicines used and the on the base of which ailments are being treated.

  1. Pradhama Nasyam: In Pradhama Nasyam instead of oils and medicinal juices, medicinal powders are with the help of a tube blown into the nose. Headaches, heaviness in the head, nasal congestion, drowsiness, epilepsy and even some skin diseases are treated by this Pradhama Nasyam.

  2. Bruhana Nasyam: It is used to treat patients with migraine headaches, voice problems, nervousness, bursitis, and mental disturbances. Medicated ghee, Ashwagandha ghee, Chathavari ghee and medicated milk are used in this type of Nasyam.

  3. Shamana Nasyam: This type of Nasyam helps in treating thinning of hair, ringing in the ears, conjunctivitis etc. Herbal medicines, tea and similar decoctions are used in this type of Nasyam.

  4. Navana Nasyam: Medicated oils and decoctions are used in this treatment.

  5. Marshya Nasyam: Ghee or oil is used in Marshya Nasyam. It is a symptomatic treatment which helps in overcoming symptoms of certain diseases.

  6. Pratimarshya Nasyam: In this type of Nasyam the little finger is dipped into medicated ghee and inserted into the nostrils which are gently massaged. It helps in relieving stress.