Treatment at Sreerangom CVN Kalari Chilkilsakendram follows the Ayurvedic Kalari system of Medicine which is based mainly on Kalari massage.

Kalari Massage

As the name already suggests, Kalari massage is essentially associated with ‘kalaripayattu’ - the ancient martial arts form of Kerala. In the ancient times, when combat situations were part of daily life, warriors needed not only a strong, but also agile body which would instantly react to the mind's signal. They needed speedy recovery from injuries so as to face the next possible opponent. Kalari massage provided the needed results in this direction by stimulating the unique self-healing nature of the human body.  Kalari massage is done with medicated oils and herbal medicines and the Gurukkal or masseur has a different approach to each depending on the age, body type and nature of ailment of the person.

The different treatment methods used in Kalari Chikilsa are:


At Sreerangom, treatments for the following disorders can be availed.